10 Tips to Create Healthier Eating Patterns for Your Kids & Teens

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A Family Affair Nutrition Program – 8 Weeks to Whole Family Health

Does this scenario sound anything like you and your family: Your energy has decreased, you’re so busy that you forget to nourish yourself, you have gained unwanted weight, your concentration and memory has changed and/or your digestion feels off?  You are concerned about your spouse’s weight gain, high cholesterol, slightly elevated blood sugars, poor sleep or lack of consistent exercise. You wish you knew how to feed your kids so they can be their best selves, in both mind and body. In other words, you wish you could help everyone in your family improve their health and have it be specifically targeted to each of their individuals needs. If this sounds like you, then this program is perfect for you!


Call me the concierge dietitian. My 8 week, high-touch, solution-oriented, hands-on program was created specifically for you and your lifestyle. It was developed after years of working with kids and teens and hearing about the personal health challenges of parents just like you. Finally, a light bulb went off! You asked for it, a nutrition expert to address it all, to decrease the worry you have about your family’s health and to inspire healthy family nutrition.  I am delivering it directly to your door.


Let’s dive deep and work together to demystify, streamline, and systemize your family’s nutrition and create new, healthy habits, boundaries and choices for optimal health and great energy. By integrating my Family Affair Nutrition Program into your family’s lifestyle, you will gain tools and strategies that will transform your ability to achieve optimal health.

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    • Understanding the main principles of balanced meals and snacks
    • How to structure meals and snacks – what is important and why
    • Understanding how to use food and nutrients to provide optimal nutrition
    • Nutrition solutions for specific health concerns for each family member
    • Superfoods, healing foods and whole food supplementation to support health
    • Shopping, cooking and kitchen organization tips for improved health
    • Mindful eating: how to listen to your body, physical vs emotional hunger
    • Hunger scale – why are we eating
    • The importance of meal spacing
    • Gut-brain connection
    • How to feel satisfied throughout the day
    • How to incorporate fun foods and sweets
    • The importance of preplanning and preparing for optimal results
    • Detailed meal and snack options along with recipes for easy reference
    • Meal and snack planning sheets
    • Recommendations when eating out, ordering in and vacationing
    • Parenting around food – setting healthy boundaries
    • Organic vs non-organic, processed vs non-processed foods
    • Snack foods: packaged vs non-packaged foods
    • Healthy bars, nuts and nut butters
    • Genetically modified foods
    • Healthy fats
    • Quality personal care products
    • Microwave usage
    • The importance of exercise



    • Customized recommendations for each family member
    • In person meetings: 1-3 hours per session, depending on content
    • Email and cell phone access for questions and coaching in between sessions. Basically, I’m available for phone sessions anytime.
    • Email recap of nutrition recommendations for each family member
    • My entire recipe catalog
    • Flexible home and in-office visits
    • Flexibility built into the plan to ensure we cover all topics of importance
    • Excellent resources including my referral circle and sources
      for excellent quality foods, supplements and services
    • A collaborative process to achieve overall health as a family unit



    Includes my expertise behind the scenes in creating, organizing and delivering a detailed, customized and streamlined nutrition plan with the main goal of helping you and your family understand good nourishment for optimal health.



    Let’s discuss your family’s nutritional needs and concerns in detail. Understanding your challenges and the big picture is the first step for me to help you reach your goals. Parenting and creating healthy boundaries around feeding your family will be address if appropriate. Our goal is to create a comprehensive plan so that everyone in the family is taking this journey together. In this session, we can begin to address one family member’s nutrition needs as time permits.



    As the main family caretaker, your habits and health set the foundation for a healthy family. You are always giving yourself to your family, so now is your time. Let’s get your health on track. Let’s discuss your needs and concerns, and design a specific and actionable plan that helps you achieve your personal nutritional goals for optimal health. Exquisite quality supplementation needs will be addressed as appropriate. This includes a full health history, lab review and diet recall.



    Let’s sit down with your twin pillar, your spouse. The two of you together create the environment and set the example that will transform your kids and teens. As with you, let’s discuss the needs and concerns of your spouse, and design a specific and actionable plan that helps achieve his or her personal nutritional goals. I will collaborate with your medical team or make referrals as needed to ensure excellent care. Exquisite quality supplementation needs will be address as appropriate. This includes a full health history, lab review and diet recall.



    With you and your spouse on the road to better health, it’s time to bring the kids into the program. Let’s begin a conversation about the nutrition goals of your children with a health history and diet recall. We will cover how to have good nutrition while still allowing the kids to eat their cake too. Depending on their age, they may or may not be involved. With you and your spouse as the role models, we can begin to encourage your kids to take an active role in their own journey to better health.



    Now that the whole family is onboard, let’s enjoy a hands-on cooking class in the comfort of your home. We will create a menu and prepare many nutritious and delicious foods that show you how to reach your health and nutrition goals. Although it’s definitely nutritious, as a hands-on culinary instructor, trust me when I tell you that the food will be mouth-wateringly good. Our time together also involves recommendations for stocking your kitchen. Recipes are provided.



    I understand that it can be challenging to shift habits and lifestyle and I am here to support you in any way that I can. Sessions 6 and 7 can be used in many different ways: to follow up with any family members that needs more attention, provide a second cooking class, reassess progress, reinforce key concepts, do a supermarket tour, teaching other food preparers or caregivers, or have a restaurant session. I am available and will follow up to ensure that you and your family are  on track for true nutritional wellness.



    Let’s follow up 1 month later with an office visit, so that I can support you and answer any questions you may have to help ensure your family’s success.



    I know that you want to feel reassured that I am here to support you as life situations arise. So let’s follow up again 2 months later.


    Your decision to be coached, guided and inspired will lead you to a new level of understanding and I am grateful to be your partner.


    Please note, the 8 weeks can extend up to 3 months given your family’s busy lifestyle and the need to integrate the recommendations. The bonus sessions are additional and begin after the initial program is complete.

    10 Tips to Create Healthier Eating Patterns for Your Kids & Teens

    Plus, I'll send you periodic tips and support for balanced family nutrition.

    Send My 10 Tips